Checkmate in Berlin

Checkmate in Berlin


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 'Brilliantly recapturing the febrile atmosphere of Berlin in the first four years after the Second World War, Giles Milton reminds us what an excellent story-teller he is' - Andrew Roberts, author of Churchill


Reviewed by Chris


The Yalta conference at the end of WWII determined the influence the three victors had over Germany and Eastern Europe including Berlin. After Germany’s surrender, Russia held the eastern part of Germany including Berlin, well inside their sector. This is the story of the developing relationship between the Western Allies and the Soviets and the individuals representing both sides in the four years after the end of the war.


The contacts were initially cool reverting to pre-war hostilities. In addition, Berlin’s population was starving and lawless and full of Nazis. The Soviets, as directed by Stalin, hid their desire to control Berlin and force out the Allies. These high stakes were conducted by charismatic and flawed individuals with skulduggery and subterfuge and resulted in increasing confrontation. This finally resulted in the Soviets cutting off West Berlin and the Allies undertaking the successful Berlin Airlift.


Publisher Reviews

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