A Captive in His Butterfly Glass

A Captive in His Butterfly Glass


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A Captive in His Butterfly Glass – is a story based on true events.


Review by Sarah McNeil from the Post Newspaper





Believing she had found the love of her life, the man who would be the father of her child, Lucy took off to New Zealand to share what she imagined would be the ideal existence on his farm. The once independent, vivacious young woman was to discover the man she thought she knew was in fact a total stranger. He became someone she had no idea existed in the person she first met.


Trapped on an isolated property in an abusive and controlling relationship, living in denial and cover-up, she somehow finds within her the resourceful survivor she had lost sight of. The spiritual and emotional enlightenment she gains through her struggle, leaves her reflecting on how the family circumstances she grew up in, contributed to her being a prime target for the man she fell in love with.


*** A cautionary tale of legal entrapment and modern relationships ***