A Lost Mediterranean Culture

A Lost Mediterranean Culture


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Publisher's Review 

Thousands of shattered limestone pieces came to light in 1974 at the Mont'e Prama site in western Sardinia. They have been reassembled into dozens of striking, colossal statues that reward close study by archaeologists, historians, conservators, and restorers. The giant statues and the individual tombs in this monumental necropolis-sculpted by a powerful Mediterranean civilization-make Mont'e Prama a uniquely rich representation of a culture's values and traditions in the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

This is the first English-language book to explore Mont'e Prama's limestone statues-among the most important archaeological discoveries of the past fifty years and the source of fresh discoveries even today. It is written by the people who are leading the excavation and restoration of these treasures; researching the artifacts and their context; and presenting the eerie faces, towering bodies, and sprawling site to the world. A Lost Mediterranean Culture takes the reader through the details of the various discoveries at Mont'e Prama, recounting the history of scholarship on the artifacts and describing the landscape, the context, and the meticulous restoration efforts. It also addresses the illicit trafficking of Sardinian cultural property.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs and other figures that showcase fine details, A Lost Mediterranean Culture offers fresh information for specialists and captivates a wider audience with the beauty of these massive sculptures.