Act of Oblivion

Act of Oblivion


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From the bestselling author of AN OFFICER AND A SPY


'A master storyteller'


Nick's Review


The "Act of Oblivion" was an edict passed in 1660 in the wake of the fall of the English Commonwealth, that pardoned all those who took up arms against the Charles the 1st of England. The exception to this was for those who had a direct hand in Charles' execution.  Harris' latest book centers around this concept as he takes us through the history of the British Civil Wars of the 17th century and their aftermath. 


For many, on the surface the British Empire of the last five hundred years appears to be such a powerful, solid state of ethics and high moral values. However, this book reminds us of a past with civil unrest and tumult associated with it. This is especially interesting when examining the the Empires of today - in particular the United States of America and the shadow of Donald Trump. In addition, those always keen to point the finger at how bloody the French were during the French Revolution need only to turn to how Cromwell's unfortunates were treated at their bitter end. 


Harris' book is a thriller woven amongst the dates, names, and locations which are historically accurate with the exception of the antagonist, Richard Nayler; whose real name appears lost to history. The story traverses both England and the United States of America.  Through the eyes and recollections of  General Edward Whalley, his son-in law Colonel William Goffe and their pursuer Mr Nayler we get a fireside view of Royalist revenge, Parliamentarians and their causes, and Cromwell the man. 

Harris' new book is up there with his best and is a thoroughly entertaining read.