Andromache Between Worlds

Andromache Between Worlds


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Lindsay's Review

This kids book packs a powerful wallop of action-packed adventure travelling through alternate dimensions. Twelve-year-old Adromache, a classic anti-hero living in the shadows of her parents’ fame as dare-devil reporters, is deeply dissatisfied with her life. After her father is presumed dead because of a laboratory experiment explosion, Andromache is bounced by her mother from one boarding school to the next. An accidental eavesdrop of a phone call leads her to discover that her father isn’t dead but alive somewhere in another dimension. Given the opportunity to go through a dimensional porthole, she ropes in some unlikely friends, and together they seek her father. Along the way they battle pirates, ride dinosaurs, and free slaves in a futuristic London, as she encounters different forms of herself and her mother. The ultimate battle between good and evil, and between what she has been told about her father and what may be the truth, leads her to accomplish the mission with the friendly support of her new friends, despite her constant self-doubts.  
Bergmoser, an award-winning Melbourne playwright, has successfully turned his skills to this interdimensional romp, filled with wonderfully imaginative worlds, insightful character development, and big lessons along the way. Suitable for nine-to-twelve-year old children, the descriptive detail doesn’t talk down to young readers while at the same time it introduces them to more sophisticated language. A stand-alone adventure instead of yet another series, it feels like you have read a few books by the end of such a multi-dimensional journey. Character discussions of morality choices are resolved with a happily re-united family at the finale. I sincerely hope Bergmoser writes more of these adventures, as he clearly has a great talent for entertaining and communicating with children. 

Publisher's Review 

A page-turning, action-packed adventure that is perfect for fans of the Jane Doe series.

All fourteen-year-old Andromache Peters wants is a normal life. But normal is pretty near impossible when your parents were famous adventurers who saved the world and nobody will let you forget it.

On top of this, Andromache's father has been missing and presumed dead since she was only two, and her mother has retreated into grief ever since. So it's no surprise that the last thing Andromache needs is to be reminded of where she came from.

But when a mysterious stranger reveals that Andromache's father is not only still alive but trapped in a parallel world, Andromache is thrown into a daring journey across other universes to find and save the father she never knew.

A journey so strange and dangerous that it will forever transform Andromache's life to anything but normal.