Ascension of Sheep Collected Poems Volume 1 (1980-2005)

Ascension of Sheep Collected Poems Volume 1 (1980-2005)


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Peta's Review


One of Australia's finest poets, Kinsella explores the dilemma of how to "write" about place, without "claiming" the place.


Truly evocative of the land, the people and place, especially WA.


Other Reviews

'One of Australia’s most vivid, energetic and stormy poets, a writer who turns to the natural world with a fierce light.' — Edward Hirsch, Washington Post


'Kinsella’s work conveys the damage done through capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy and their pervasive discourse. Yet it also illuminates how to see forms of connective beauty and resistant power between the human and more-than-human.' — Anne Vickery, Angelaki


'John Kinsella, like his precursor Ashbery, is astonishingly fecund and inventive.' — Harold Bloom