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Anne's Review


Hasluck’s new memoir is one of the most compelling books I have read in a long time. Firstly, I never realized just how good a writer he is. As good a writer as any I know and secondly, the way the book is written, with dates of events as chapters makes one feel one is moving along with him from event to event. And finally, I was thrilled and delighted to be reintroduced to many of the people I have met and who have become part of the bookshop.


Being both part of the Literary and of the Judicial world in Western Australia, Hasluck has many elevated friends, and one learns much about attitudes both past and present. His father Paul Hasluck had been Governor General of Australia between 1969 and 1976 and at times when history is often misinterpreted, Nicholas often asks himself how Australians can come together to build a better future rather than denigrating our institutions and shared past.