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Jackson Sweeney is stewing in his tiny hometown, feeling stuck. He spends his days working at Al's Takeaway and his nights at the local dive pub, scouting for a guy he hasn't pashed yet. His childhood friend Marnie returns to Ginsborough on her family's annual visit, but she's reeling from a break-up and is determined to lie low. After all, nothing happens in this part of the world.

But then one night an odd-looking stranger shows up- he has long black hair, a leather trench coat and the improbable name of Bootstrap. What's more, he says he's here to see the night Jackson Sweeney becomes a hero.

Soon, Sweeney and Marnie find themselves swept up in an adventure they never could have dreamt of-with a fugitive on the run from the future.

Both a thrilling race against time and a witty contemporary love story, Bootstrap is the genre-bending new novel from the brilliant Georgina Young.