Chaos and Flame

Chaos and Flame


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Darci's Review


If you need your high fantasy romance fix, Chaos and Flame delivers! Sworn enemies Darling Seabreak, adoptive scion of House Kraken, and Talon Goldhoard, War Prince of House Dragon, are thrust together by “Chaos divine” through the direction of Caspian, High Prince Regent and Talon’s brother.


Navigating war, house politics, betrayal, and love, Talon and Darling learn who has the nations best interests at heart, and which people are worthy of honour and their trust. This wonderful debut of the Pyrlanum duology creates a mystery full of grandeur and eccentrics with a “will they, won’t they” romance subplot. The character development is *chefs kiss* with many characters showing their hand right as the book is about to close. This is a book you cannot put down. 7/10


Publishers Reveiws

A scorchingly sexy and inclusive YA romantasy that is sure to be the talk of TikTok!

An assassin, a soldier, a prince . . . and a deadly game of power, where no one knows the rules. Prepare to enter the world of Chaos and Flame

When Darling Seabreak's family were murdered by the ruthless House Dragon, she swore she'd get revenge. And as a deadly assassin, there's no one she'd rather take out than their bloodthirsty war general, Talon Goldhoard.

Talon Goldhoard has no problem defending his lands from threats - even ones he hates, like the whispers of madness that surround his brother, the High Prince. So when he battles a ferocious girl who looks exactly like the one Caspian has painted obsessively, repeatedly, for years, Talon knows he must capture her alive - and find out exactly what kind of a threat she really is.

What Talon is unprepared for is the thrilling chaos that Darling will bring into his life. With the world they both know appearing to catch fire all around them, these unlikely allies must navigate a game of power, betrayal, destiny - and love - that neither of them could ever have expected.