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Cressida Campbell


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Aston's Review

Cressida Campbell is one of Australia’s most accomplished contemporary visual artists. Based in Gadigal/Sydney, Campbell works in print and woodblock to capture the most beautiful interiors and still life scenes. I find her self-portraits and landscapes particularly emotive. This new publication represents Campbell's breadth of talent and her evocative images of Australia.

As readers of these reviews, you may have noticed my love for a book’s production; for the way it can enhance my appreciation of the book I’m holding in my hands. This is even more important in this digital age, when the experience of reading a book has the potential to cut through the noise of the airwaves. The National Gallery of Australia has excelled in this regard, using a fabric-textured hardback cover, clear text, and excellent reproductions of Campbell’s works on fine paper stock. Each aspect of the production works in harmony to add to the viewing pleasure of the book.

Accompanying Campbell’s art are interesting biographies, interviews, critiques and samples from her letters. Each gives a unique insight into the artist, specific pieces, and the creative process as a whole.

Please enjoy this book by giving yourself plenty of time to reflect, and to be inspired by great Australian art. Cressida Campbell is a perfect gift for yourself and/or your friends.