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Daughter Of Time


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“Daughter of Time” by Josephine Tey

A really enjoyable light read in the genre traditions of detective fiction, where a classic Scotland Yard detective delves into the mysteries behind the much maligned historical devil King Richard III. Laid up in a hospital bed Detective Grant is forced through sheer boredom to turn his police skills to the murder of Richard III’s nephews in the tower. Something doesn’t add up between the face portrait of Richard and Sir Thomas Moore’s famous account. When he discovers that Moore’s account is not in fact an eyewitness account, Grant decides to investigate further using new information and instinct. With the nurses, friends and colleagues as his assistants and advisors, his scrutiny of the past leads to some interesting conclusions that will make the lover of history consider un-orthodox conclusions. Reads equally as well as a detective crime mystery, and/or historical novel, the recognisable English characters of yesteryear provide a compelling and pleasantly familiar tale set around familiar English scenes, and what seemed to be history set in stone. The recent interest in the excavations and exhumation of King Richard III’s remains have sparked a new interest in his story, and this book also provides a novel and interesting way to review the facts of the case against Richard.

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The Daughter of Time


One of the best mysteries all time from the much-loved crime Golden Age writer Josephine Tey

'A detective story with a very considerable difference. Ingenious, stimulating and very enjoyable' SUNDAY TIMES

'As interesting and enjoyable a book as they will meet in a month of Sundays' OBSERVER

Scotland Yard inspector Alan Grant, recovering from a broken leg, becomes fascinated with a contemporary portrait of Richard III, believed to have brutally killed his brother's children - the Princes in the Tower - to make his crown secure. But is the hunchback with such a sensitive, noble face really one of the world's most heinous villains? Or was he the victim of one of the most insidious plots in history?

'One of the best mysteries of all time' NEW YORK TIMES

'Suspense is achieved by unexpected twists and extremely competent storytelling . . . credible and convincing' SPECTATOR