Days of Innocence and Wonder

Days of Innocence and Wonder


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Susan Midalia's Review


Award-winning writer Lucy Treloar’s third novel is a suspenseful,
poignant and immersive story about a young woman’s attempt to
overcome a traumatic childhood experience. The main character,
who has renamed herself Till, was at the vulnerable age of five a
witness to the abduction of her childhood friend E by a strange and
sinister man.

Unable to shake her persistent but irrational sense of
guilt, 19-year-old Till flees from her family home with her beloved
greyhound Birdy, and drives into the unknown. She ends up staying
in an isolated country town in South Australia, where she gradually
overcomes the suspicions of the locals and begins to make a new

The run-down train station which she gradually, lovingly
repairs, acts as a powerful metaphor for Till’s attempt at
psychological renewal. But just as she begins to feel a sense of
belonging, a series of brutal crimes disturbs her precarious sense of
equanimity, as well as various relationships in the town. The novel
is a character-driven, skilfully rendered crime thriller in which the
horrors of both the past and the present must be confronted. It’s also
an evocative tribute to the recuperative power of friendship and the
resilience of the natural world.

Praise for Days of Innocence and Wonder

'Not a wasted word, not an observation missed' Jock Serong

'in full possession of her powers, as assured and ambitious as Barbara Kingsolver or Isabel Allende' 
Australian Book Review