Divine Rivals

Divine Rivals


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Darci's Review 

Rebecca Ross has created a beautiful story of love, perseverance, and family-ties in Divine Rivals. Following the life of Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals explores the impacts of war not only on political landscapes but also within the lives of all individual citizens, whether on the war front or safe at home. Iris’s story begins with the breakout of a war between gods, and her brother being called to the front lines. Within the many months he was in service, Iris has no reply to the several letters she sent to him through her Alouette typewriter. Fast forward to her job at the Gazette in her hometown of Oath, Iris is up for the position as columnist alongside her newfound rival, Roman Kitt. Little does she know that her letters have been sent to the wrong person from one Alouette to another, right into the hands of her nemesis. As the war comes to a head, Iris decides to take her fate into her own hands and find her brother. Meanwhile, someone she would least expect tries to save her from herself.

Ross has produced a charming tale entwined with the heartache of loss, desperation, and survival. This is a perfect read for young adults, with great representation of the effects of wartime, while encapsulating readers’ attention through the whimsical vision of the world. It’s ultimately a cosy, heartwarming read for all young adults.

Publisher's Review

Eighteen-year-old Iris dreams that one day her writing will make a difference. A war between gods is raging, and she’s landed a prestigious job at the Oath Gazette.

But at home, she’s barely holding it together. Her brother is missing on the frontline. Her mother is lost in a haze of addiction. And each night Iris pours her heart out in letters to her brother.

Letters that will never be answered. Or so she thinks…

They’ve made their way into the hands of the last person Iris trusts: Roman Kitt. Her cold, unforgiving rival at the paper.

Drawn together by fate and magic, they form an unlikely connection. They say love conquers all… but can it triumph in a war between gods?