Dragon Skin

Dragon Skin


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'I'm in love with this book. Dragon Skin is surprising, beautiful, unique. The characters are wonderfully drawn - tough but vulnerable, hurt but hopeful, damaged but strong. They've lodged themselves in my heart forever.' Katrina Nannestad, award-winning author of We Are Wolves


Reviewed by Kerry


A waterhole in Mt Isa may seem the most unlikely place to find an injured baby dragon but 10 year old Pip does. Pip seems to be losing people, the people who mean the most to her – her mum, who is increasingly distracted by a new and toxic relationship and her best friend Mika who left town without saying goodbye. Determined not to lose anyone else she sets about trying to save the dragon she names Little Fella. What follows is a story of healing. In having to accept help from the most unlikely sources Pip finds friendship, her isolation replaced with goodness and hope.


Foxlee draws her characters with such heart you live their anxiety and cheer their daring, love steers this heart-warming novel. But the real magic of Dragon Skin is that in loving and nurturing Little Fella Pip learns to let go and finds the courage to fight to save herself.

Recommended for 10-14 year olds