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Gabi's Review


Cat Bohannon is a preeminent academic and wordsmith based at Columbia University currently undertaking a PhD exploring the advancement of human intellect. In addition to academia, Cat writes articles on evolution, brain science, and aesthetics. In her groundbreaking tome, Eve, she goes beyond traditional thinking opening up the scientific fundamentals of the female gender with regards to birth. Eve is a radical transformation of human history, an urgent and much needed realignment of focus on the crucible of the human womb. Bohannon's revelations, ranging from the effects of modern practices evolving the form of the female pelvis to the challenges arising from hunter-gatherer transition to agrarian societies. The writing is beautiful and the subject is of broad interest.


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An ambitious, groundbreaking and myth-busting history of the evolution of the female body

How did wet nurses drive civilization? Are women always the weaker sex? Is sexism useful for evolution? And are our bodies at war with our babies?

In Eve, Cat Bohannon answers questions scientists should have been addressing for decades. With boundless curiosity and sharp wit, she covers the past 200 million years to explain the specific science behind the development of the female sex. Eve is not only a sweeping revision of human history, it's an urgent and necessary corrective for a world that has focused primarily on the male body for far too long. Bohannon's findings, including everything from the way C-sections in the industrialized world are rearranging women's pelvic shape to the surprising similarities between pus and breast milk, will completely change what you think you know about evolution and why Homo sapiens have become such a successful and dominant species, from tool use to city building to the development of language.