Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Australia's lost generation

Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Australia's lost generation


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Australians have commonly looked World War II through the lens of the sheer number of those who lost their lives, leaving unknown the extraordinary individuals among them. This book endeavors to recover their stories and honor their memories. Farewell, Dear People presents ten in-depth biographies of this remarkable "lost generation": from an acclaimed medical researcher to a rising Labor star, a visionary winemaker to a Tasmanian footballer. Uncovering their tales for the first time, this book profoundly enhances the narrative of Australia.




'There is so much to admire and to praise in this book. The research is prodigious, the storytelling hypnotic, the confidence and clarity of the writer remarkable. Do not for a second think of this book as military history only or mostly ... McMullin writes as well about sport as he does about war, or medical research, or wine-making, or Antarctic exploring. Such is the range and scope of this book and such were the skills required of its author ... This is a rich book, to be sure. One that I read with such pleasure and admiration. It is a wonderful tribute to the 10 men whose lives we discover for the first time, an extraordinary account of Australia from about the 1870s and into the 1930s, and deeply moving.'
-Michael McKernan, Canberra Times

'It is a gripping read and a remarkable achievement. I, for one, had difficulty putting it down ... a powerful and valuable book.'
-Craig Stockings, Australian Historical Studies

'McMullin has set a new standard in Australian military biography, for which he must be congratulated. Very highly recommended.'
-Ron Austin, Mufti