Fugitive Pieces

Fugitive Pieces


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Gabi's Review

We have an historian who curates a "Must Reads" section at The Lane Bookshop. It is his belief that this collection represents an ideal catalogue of books to be read before someone turns 21 and the pressures of life kick in. Fugitive Pieces lives there. It has achieved the highest literary acoloades since its publication in 1996.  It is a bookshop all time favorite of many customers and one of the best works I have ever read.

Opening in Poland in 1933, seven year old Jewish boy Jakob Beer hides in a cupboard as he witnesses the shocking shooting of his parents and brutal seizing of his beautiful sister. He escapes at night and hides in the woods of Biskupin his iron-age city and is discovered by a Greek Archaeologist named Athos. The traumatized child is smuggled back to the Greek islands in the fold of the mans coat. He is hidden away for four years while Athos re-introduces him to civilisation, educating him with tenderness and the wonder of the natural world.

I challenge you not to be moved by it's beauty and monumentality.


Publishers Reviews

Winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction

'This is a novel to lose yourself in'
 The Times
'Essential reading' Spectator
'Extraordinarily magical'
 New York Times
'The most important book I have read for forty years' Observer

Jakob Beer is seven years old when he is rescued from the ruins of a buried village in Nazi-occupied Poland. He is the only one of his family to have survived the invasion. Adopted by his saviour, the Greek geologist Athos, Jakob must steel himself to excavate the horrors of his own history.

A novel of astounding beauty and wisdom, Fugitive Pieces is a profound meditation on the resilience of the human spirit and love's ability to restore even the most damaged of hearts.