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Gabi's Review

One of my colleagues calls thrillers 'palate cleansers'. I agree with her, thrillers are easy and fun. For me, an oral equivalency would be "amuse bouche" in French literally means "it amuses the mouth." Geneva is a gorgeous snack from amazing actor now writer, Richard Armitage, who will always be Thorin Oakenshield (the Hobbit) to me.

Set in the glamorous Big Pharma capital of Geneva, a setting which adds immense weight to what is essentially a cinematic thrall. The unveiling of an new Alzheimers patent at a bio-tech convention lures a Nobel Prize winning British scientist and her husband to Switzerland where she will be guest of honor.

As the big night unravels her husbands seedy affair with the glamorous PR rep from the drug company turns out to be the least nefarious twist Sarah will deal with. With all the thrills and spills, the devine and diabolic you might have landed in a Bond movie but with more plausible dialogue and better character development. Go ahead take a bite. It is not un-delicious.