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Anne's Review

This is a moving and deeply funny novel about a once-famous sitcom star who is left to care for his niece and nephew after an unexpected family tragedy.


At first I had my doubts about this book which is in essence the story of a gay man left to care for his niece and nephew when their mother dies.  Instead I was captivated after reading a few pages.


Patrick, the Uncle in question, seems to take to fatherhood like a fish to water and in doing so shows us the true meaning of family.


Patrick himself has suffered the loss of the person he most loved and he uses the feelings he felt, to guide the children through what they are going through.


It works! And in ways that are strange and new, this story of love and loss will keep the reader entertained from beginning to end.  This is a feel good novel that has depth and meaning!


Publisher Synopsis 


Patrick, or Gay Uncle Patrick (GUP for short), has always loved his niece, Maisie, and nephew, Grant. That is, he loves spending time with them … in small doses, with their parents there to handle the tears and tricky questions. So when tragedy strikes and Patrick finds himself suddenly taking on the role of primary guardian, he is, honestly, overwhelmed.

Patrick has no idea what to expect, having spent years barely holding on after the loss of his great love, a stalled acting career, and a lifestyle not-so-suited to young children. But when he realises that parenting isn’t solved with treats and jokes, Patrick’s eyes are opened to a new sense of responsibility and the realisation that, sometimes, being vulnerable is the only way to heal from grief.
Tender, charming and laugh-out-loud funny, The Guncle is a testament to finding happiness and peace in the most trying of times.


Other Reviews


‘Steven Rowley’s The Guncle is a gift. At once funny, charming and heartbreaking, it’s that rare novel that will have you laughing out loud, even through tears. I have yet to meet a person who did not love this book.’ 

-Sally Hepworth, bestselling author of The Good Sister and The Younger Wife

‘A joyous Auntie Mame spritz! A reading pleasure; pour yourself a tall glass and enjoy, preferably poolside. You deserve it!’ 

- Andrew Sean Greer, winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Less


‘A joyous Auntie Mame spritz! A reading pleasure; pour yourself a tall glass and enjoy, preferably poolside. You deserve it!’


 ‘The Guncle is super funny, charming, and tender. Love, loss, and Palm Springs are the perfect ingredients for a delightful cocktail.’


 ‘A formerly famous gay sitcom star is suddenly tasked with raising his niece and nephew in this sweet, saucy novel.’


 ‘In his heartwarming, humorous new novel, Steven Rowley shows readers the true meaning of family, reminding us that everyone – even parents – is only human.’


‘The author of Lily and the Octopus and The Editor delivers arguably his funniest and most poignant novel yet.’