Half Life of Valery K

Half Life of Valery K


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Review by Jayne

Based on actual historical details in the KGB controlled Russia in the 50’s and 60’s, this remarkable work of fiction is narrated through the character of Valery Kolkhanov who presents the reader with a suspenseful tale both horrifying and intriguing. Secrets are discovered of a highly radioactive City 40 and the surrounding forests and marshes dying of radioactive poison. People are ill. Children are dying. Only a few brave scientists refuse to be silent.

But the ruthless denial from Moscow’s authorities is not to be questioned. The echoes of wars, conspiracy and blatant propaganda are still so pertinent today. Natasha Pulley’s latest book is well researched and reads like a thriller, compelling and relevant in 2022.


Publisher Reviews

Pulley adds to her impressive oeuvre with another exquisite novel. Many of the author’s trademarks are on display here: a finely-drawn period setting, a vein of dark humour, a plot blending historical fact and fiction, and a protagonist seeking to do the right thing in the face of a brutal political machine. An illuminating and immersive historical tale — Vaseem Khan Wildly inventive, full of eeriness and magic, and fiendishly intricate plots- The Times on The Lost Future of Pepperharrow


An awe-inspiring feat of imagination and passion - Catriona Ward on The Kingdoms


Lavish world-building and breakneck plotting … Clear a weekend and let yourself be absorbed- New York Times Book Review on The Kingdoms