How To Shame The Devil

How To Shame The Devil


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Publisher Review

Art Lambkin, newly confined to a nursing home, is terrified of being erased from the outside world. Determined to remain relevant, he engages in a correspondent’s war on the Letters Page of his daily newspaper, pitting his acerbic wit against a rogue gallery of bigots, windbags and egomaniacs. But when a woman surfaces from Art’s long-ago past, he soon becomes the villain in a scandal that threatens to destroy everything—and everyone—he knows


Other Reviews


‘Ros Thomas’s writing is startlingly funny, revealing and profoundly genuine – she has the full writer’s arsenal.’ Robert Drewe


‘Clever, entertaining, beautifully crafted, disturbing and full of humanity. An original take on the #MeToo phenomenon, with the wonderful Ros Thomas at her most witty and compelling.’ Will Yeoman, The West Australian


‘Ros Thomas writes with stylistic flair, a deft sense of humour, a vivid sense of time and place, and a generous, compassionate heart.’ Susan Midalia, author