Hurricane Wars

Hurricane Wars


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Darci's Review 

The Hurricane Wars is a refreshing addition to this years’ fantasy releases, where Thea Guanzon creates a beautiful world based on South-East Asian culture. The book is set within complex magical system, from the Severs which help amplify peoples magic, to the Aether, where Light, Shadow, and Void magic are pulled from. Her writing is stunning, with the story of Talasyn and Alaric weaving a tale of the history of the Northern Continent, as well as the elusive islands of the south called Nenavere.


The Hurricane Wars, as in its name, brims with war and politics, and does not follow the common romantasy formula. Guanzon does an amazing job of capturing her readers’ attention, as the tension she creates between Alaric and Talaysn, along with the mystery of each empire's end goal, ensnares you within the pages. I cannot wait for the next installment!


Publisher's Review

'All Talasyn has ever known are the Hurricane Wars. An orphan of the struggle, she uses the power of light to fight for her people against the Night Empire.

All Alaric has ever known is darkness. The son of the Night Emperor and their deadliest weapon, he wields terrifying shadow magic to crush the rebellion.

Then he sees Talasyn, his sworn enemy burning bright across the battlefield. The moment they clash their lives are changed forever.

Now a greater threat is rising and only they can stop it.

The coming storm threatens to destroy everything. If they don’t destroy each other first . . .'