Isaac and the Egg

Isaac and the Egg


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Gabi's Review

A light read that is both funny and frequently endearing. Following the themes of Studio Ghibli's film Totoro, an imaginary friend becomes the perfect confident in coping with anxiety. In the case of Isaac, it is grief. Isaac is an illustrator in his mid 30's who has just lost his wife in a tragic accident. The imaginary friend is a character from his wife's unfinished children's book. 

Egg as the creature is known, spends his days watching favorite iconic movies with Isaac as he learns about human behaviour and language so they can both communicate. In watching ET it dawns on Isaac that Egg may be trying to get back to his homeworld. Through helping another Isaac in turn helps himself and this mission expedites his own healing journey. 

It is slapstick and absurdist but I found myself smiling for hours which is no bad thing.


 Publishers Review



An extraordinary story brimming with magic and perhaps most importantly hope. Truly one of the most beautiful stories you'll ever read, written with generosity and warmth, and such perception. What's it about? I'd love to have a stab at explaining, but I can't. You're just going to have to find out for yourself. I can tell you one thing: it's a story for anyone who has ever lost somebody, or has ever lost their way A mad, sad, funny debut

A modern-day fairy tale full of charm, innocence, pain and humour that is deeply satisfying and wonderfully surprising. A mesmerising debut, capturing everything that's funny and sad about real life This book is just sublime . . . It will be a crime if millions of people haven't read it this time next year A bold, beautiful undertaking that looks at the hurricane of grief distilled and seen through the eyes of a man and an egg.