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"From the bestselling author Simon Winchester comes Land, a human history of land around the world: who mapped it, owned it, stole it, cared for it, fought for it and gave it back. 

In this book, Simon Winchester explores the stewardship of land, the ways it is delineated and changes hands, the great disputes, and the questions of restoration

– particularly in the light of climate change and colonialist reparation. A global study, this is an exquisite exploration of what the ownership of land might really mean

– not in dry-as-dust legal terms, but for the people who live on it. Always engaging, interweaving expert research with personal anecdote Simon has delivered a topical subject in its historic and modern cultural relevance to us all."


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Simon Winchester is the bestselling author of ATLANIC, THE MAN WHO LOVED CHINA, A CRACK IN THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, KRAKATOA, THE MAP THAT CHANGED THE WORLD, THE SURGEON OF CROWTHORNE (THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN), THE FRACTURE ZONE, OUTPOSTS and KOREA among many other titles. In 2006 he was awarded an OBE. He lives in western Massachusetts and New York City.