Letters for the Ages Winston Churchill: The Private and Personal Lette

Letters for the Ages Winston Churchill: The Private and Personal Letters


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A specially curated selection of Churchill's key correspondence, designed to take you behind the scenes of great events, and inviting you to walk in Churchill's footsteps.

Here are some of the best of Churchill's letters, many of a more personal nature, written to a wide range of people, including his schoolmaster, his American grandmother and former President Eisenhower.

Letters for the Ages concentrates on the more intimate words of Winston Churchill, seeking to show the private man behind the public figure and shine fresh light on Churchill's character and personality by capturing the drama, immediacy, storms, depressions, passions and challenges of his extraordinary career. These letters take us into his world and allow us to follow the changes in his motivations and beliefs as he navigates his 90 years. There are intimate letters to his parents, his teacher at Harrow, his wife Clementine, Prime Minister Asquith, Anthony Eden, President Roosevelt, Eamon De Valera and Charles De Gaulle.

The letters are presented in chronological order, with a preface to each explaining the context, and they are accompanied throughout by facsimiles of said letters and photographs, offering the reader a sense of Churchill in his most private moments.