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Aston's Review 

LIFE STILLS is the newest publication from Hong Kong based publisher, Victionary. As the title suggests this visual anthology of still life images captures the genre in beautiful contemporary settings. The physical production of this work is flawless. The paper stock and print quality accentuate the beautiful water colour images. Urbanscapes, landscapes, and traditional still life subjects. The curation of images and artists by the Victionary team truly transport you into the serene and tranquil artworks.

“LIFE STILLS invites readers to submerge themselves in the tranquil illustrations within, and never hold back from romanticising even the tiniest silver lining in life.”

What is so fantastic about this anthology, is its ability to tell a story. Albeit told by different artists from different walks of life LIFE STILLS is able to tell you a story. Sunsets, warm coffee on cold days, blue skies, telephone poles, and fruits in a bowl are all experiences we as readers can identify with. Escape and immerse ourselves in. It expertly succeeds at this. The entire experience of the book is something few and far between when it comes to art books. The feel of the book, seeing the ink on the paper stock. It’s like holding the originals in the palm of your hand.

This anthology opens a whole new world of brilliant contemporary artists to follow and research in an age-old genre. It is a fantastic gift for the holiday season for when you need to be inspired by serenity.


Publisher's Review 

'Despite being told that life is short and that we should enjoy it, it has become increasingly hard for modern people to find a moment of peace in the restless the hubbub of the modern world. Nevertheless, there is still happiness to be found in even the smallest things - from a fresh breeze in the morning to a warm cup of coffee in the afternoon, or just a beautiful sunset.'