Little Scratch

Little Scratch


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Aston's Review

Sensational! Debut fiction that reads like no other. A truly creative and intricate work of fiction examining workplace abuse and its aftermath.

Like all good art it can be read many ways and is refreshing and important.

Really good.


Publisher Reviews

'An extremely perceptive depiction of power and agency.' - Guardian

'Confident and vital...little scratch is an absolute gift.' - Naoise Dolan

'Startlingly original.' - Vogue

'Extraordinary.' - New Yorker

'Wry, funny and heartbreaking.' - Sophie Mackintosh

'little scratch is a story that is urgent. It is a story that needs to be told.' - Meena Kandasamy

'Reads like the cinders settling in the air after an explosion... daring and completely readable.' - Colin Barrett

'little scratch is a little miracle... impossible to read it and not wish there were more books like it.' - Alan Trotter