Locust Summer

Locust Summer


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Anne Day's Review


The writing is superb, authoritative and insightful and what’s more it is all set in Western Australia.  


I never realized how challenging life on a farm could be, this is in a good way - a way that stretches one to positive limits.  This is what I felt when I first read Locust Summer. 


On the cusp of summer 1986 Rowan Brockman’s mother asks him to leave the city, where he is doing journalism. He is asked to come home to Septimas in the wheat belt to help with the harvest as his father is ill and his brother, the natural heir to the throne, having died some time before. He is reluctant to go as he has never had an interest in farming but feels he must go to help his mother who is preparing the farm for sale.


This is the story of the final harvest.  Challenging and buoyant, peopled with entertaining country people, it turns Rowans life around and helps him to make peace with those he has loved.


One of my best books of the year!


Publisher Review


Shortlisted for The Australian Vogel's Literary Award, Locust Summer celebrates the wide-open beauty of Australia's regions while exploring the heartbreaks that come from living on the land.