London Rules - Slough House Thriller 5

London Rules - Slough House Thriller 5


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Mick Herron's fifth Slough House thriller begins by paying tribute to Homer's Odyssey, noting that in some parts of the world dawn arrives with "rosy fingers"; however, on Aldersgate Street it arrives "wearing safe-cracker's gloves". Dawn enters Slough House via the burglars route, via the rooftops and its first port of call is Slough House's less-than-regal king of Ithaca, Jackson Lamb. Jackson Lamb, in all his unrefined glory, is anything but a king; however, he will do anything to protect his Joes and return them home. 

Claude Whelan, the new First Desk of Regent's Park, is swiftly having to face the complexities of his new position. He must shield a delicate prime minister and manage a showy MP with political aspirations, not to mention his cunning deputy, Lady Di Taverner. Lady Di is known to be more cutthroat than his predecessor - Dame Ingrid Tearney, who was described as "a sweet old lady who drank fresh blood for breakfast."

As the nation is hit with random acts of terror, Roddy Ho becomes a target; and the slow horses are dragged into solve criminal acts that will draw it into the cross hairs of the Park. Lamb knows the score with the Park - London Rules - and the number one Rule is "cover your arse".

Mick Herron's sharp wit and powers of political UK/Brexit satire are on full display as he guides/drags Lamb's crew through another highly recommended Slough House novel. 

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