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Love & Virtue


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‘set to be one of the year's most talked about books.’ Vogue Australia

Sex. Power. Consent.


Anne's Review


Michaela and Eve are two bright bold girls who befriend each other during their first year at university. For those of us older readers this environment takes us back to those so called fearless, but in fact undefined times where one’s knowledge of life is being created day by day.

I found this an interesting read which took me back to the past. I do think that readers in their twenties and thirties would appreciate it even more. And, of course, those of you who have children of that age cannot afford to miss it. Well worth the read with all sorts of unexpected things happening on the side.

“Reid is a fierce new voice, shining a light on consent and class with clarity and grace”

Other Reviews


‘Diana Reid will be called the new Sally Rooney – you’re certain of it by the end of page one. By the end of this real, raw and startling novel, you know Reid is the talent to whom every smart young novelist who follows her will be compared – or hope to be.’ – Meg Mason, author of Sorrow and Bliss

‘It is not enough to say Love & Virtue heralds the arrival of a new literary talent: Reid is intensely incisive and brilliant.’ – Sarah Schmidt, author of See What I Have Done

‘Reid’s prose interrogates everything we think we know about love. Heartfelt and unputdownable, this is a remarkably self-assured debut.’ – Victoria Hannan, author of Kokomo

‘A fierce new voice at just the right moment, shining a light on consent and class with clarity and grace.’ – Inga Simpson, author of Where the Trees Were and Understory