Man Who Died Twice

Man Who Died Twice


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Review by Kerry 

Joyce is back! The Man Who Died Twice is the second novel in the Thursday Murder Club series.

It is always hard to follow up a hugely successful novel, but Osman has pulled it off. I must admit I was unsure at first, I didn’t know if Joyce had lost some of her vim, she is older after all, but no the sharpness is still there. As well as our regulars from the first book the cast of characters has broadened to include MI5, MI6 and the Mafia – everyone you need to ensure a good murder mystery. Well plotted and shot through with the same observational humour Osman excels at, The Man Who Died Twice is just as entertaining and satisfying as The Thursday Murder Club.

While both books could stand alone you would be cheating yourself if you didn’t read them in order. Osman does develop his characters and story lines weave through both books - just like meeting up with old school friends, knowing each other’s back story makes lunch so much more fun.