Ming and Flo Fight for the Future

Ming and Flo Fight for the Future


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Review by Kerry


Much awarded Australian author Jackie French has written over 200 books delighting children and adults alike. Ming & Flo is the first novel in her new historical series that places girls centre stage.


Frustrated with her one sided history lessons 12 year old Ming askes the question “Where were girls at all the important times in the past?” Herstory (History’s sister) steps into the silence appearing to Ming and offering to show her the past on one condition – that she record what has been left out of the history books. Herstory allows Ming forty-two days to watch a girl change the world warning her that she will be invisible and can only see not touch. If two magic raindrops allows you to silently witness herstory what will six drops do? Ming is about to find out as she is transported back to 1898 and the colony of New South Wales. Ming’s forty-two days are charged with danger and excitement as she lives through and is witness to drought induced rural hardship, slum poverty, the rise of the Suffragist Society and the fight for Federation.


A definite for fans of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. For ages 10+