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Once There Were Wolves


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Reviewed by Dolores Maund.

Once There Were Wolves, Charlotte McConaghy’s second book, displays all of the author’s well-honed literary capacities which were apparent in her first novel, the much-acclaimed and deeply moving Migrations. Once There Were Wolves tells the story of a young Australian biologist who heads a team which, as part of a project of rewilding, is in the process of introducing wolves into a national park in Scotland. This immensely absorbing story is told from the perspective of Inti Flynn, the leader of the team, and it is the descriptions of her rich interior life and acute observations which give the novel its force. Through this means Once There Were Wolves affords the reader the vicarious experience of gleaning the workings of a highly sensitive and intelligent mind at play. The way in which Mc Conaghy is able to elicit deep feelings for her characters, all of whom are convincingly and memorably drawn, is yet another of her many impressive abilities. She also exhibits a highly developed facility for illuminating those broad forces which shape human behaviour while at the same time recognising when such an attempt eludes even the keenest of observers. Her descriptions of the landscape and the wolves are imbued with a poetic sensibility though, as the novel is written from the perspective of Inti Flynn, the book as a whole is written in a contemporary conversational style typical of many young people. The gradual and surprising way in which the story unfolds not only makes for compelling reading but further reveals her skill as a master story teller.


McConaghy is not one to skim the surface of life but rather writes for the reflective reader and in doing so provides a form of solace which good quality literature most often does. I found Once There Were Wolves an extremely engaging and thought-provoking book as I suspect many other readers will also do.  Those of you who have not yet read this book have a deeply satisfying experience awaiting you.


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