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Publishers: "The must-read literary fiction book of 2024 to discuss at your book club"

Nick's Review

Everything is perfect in Piglet's life. She is marrying into Britain's upper middle class, has a new house in Oxford, holds perfect dinner parties - life is on the up and up. Piglet is leaving behind her working class roots of Derby, Middle England. Her parents will be so proud she believes, picturing her parents she imagines them saying "you did all this, Pig'". Kit her husband to be is perfect and the in-laws love her. Yet, something awful will be revealed; and how do you reinvent and leave behind a nickname like "Piglet"?

Lottie Hazell's new book explores the battle between social classes and the unfair standards placed upon women in society. But don't worry, no lectures here. Lottie Hazell masterfully uses dialogue and sensory-rich food descriptions to reveal the complex dynamics between food, body image, family, and one's betrothed. A great, tumultuous and satisfying read!

Ps. - I don't think I will ever get over the intensity of the construction of the croquembouche... 


About Lottie Hazell


Lottie Hazell is a contemporary literature scholar from England holding a PHD in Creative Writing from Loughborough University. She is also a food writer - her food writing sparkles.

Other Reviews

'A high-wire exploration of control, pleasure and desire' Chloe Ashby

'A book that tears at the surface of things to reveal the vast, messy truth of a body with a beating heart' Catherine Newman

Publishers' Review

Piglet is the searing, unforgettable and original debut which is set to take readers by storm in 2024.