Quaint Deeds

Quaint Deeds


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Anne's Review

This book about the memories of a schoolmaster in both Australia and Great Britain comes as a breath of fresh air after immersing myself in crime fiction for a period of time.
Mackinnon started his teaching in 1984, rather unsure himself about how the whole thing would play out, but discovered, to his surprise, that he loved sharing his passion for English literature, mathematics, drama, art and philosophy with countless students. He invents treasure hunts, explores caves an encourages innovative behavior in the young boys sometimes to his own detriment.
He recalls the ups and downs of a teaching life and shares the lessons his students have taught him.
Uproarious and insightful in equal measure, Quaint Deeds is an irresistible ode to the magic and mystery of youth!

Publisher's Review

Enchanting and full of mirth, Quaint Deeds recounts Sandy Mackinnon's extraordinary four-decade odyssey as a teacher in Australia and the UK. Delightfully funny, yet full of depth, Sandy's memoir of classroom capers and learning unanticipated lessons along the way is bound to charm. From pranks and pyrotechnics to treasure hunts in the British countryside, Quaint Deeds is a passionate tribute to the unfathomable wonders of youth.

Publishes 31st of October.