Rangers Apprentice series - "The Ruins of Gorlan" Book 1

Rangers Apprentice series - "The Ruins of Gorlan" Book 1


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Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan, is an expertly crafted series born for success, as it follows the adventures of a young orphan Will, who is trained to become part of an elite corps of archers called Rangers, who use their wits and range of skills from knife throwing to camouflage and wood-lore to thwart the plans of those against the Kingdom of Araluen.  Suppose you are looking for an enjoyable read that's well-written with a captivating plot. In that case, this is most definitely worth considering as it is also historically accurate in terms of the medieval weaponry used in the series.

by Orion


Book 1. The Ruins of Gorlan

Book 2. The Burning Bridge

Book 3. The Icebound Land

Book 4. Oakleaf Bearers

Book 5. The Sorcerer In The North

Book 6. The Seige Of Macindaw

Book 7. Erak's Ransom

Book 8. The Kings Of Clonmel

Book 9. Halt's Peril

Book 10. The Emperor Nihon-Ja

Book 11. The Lost Series