Salonika Burning

Salonika Burning


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Four historical figures cross paths amidst the chaos of war in this immersive and beautifully written tale by an award-winning Australian novelist

Macedonia, 1917. The great city of Salonika is engulfed by fire as all of Europe is ravaged by war.

Amid the destruction are those who have come to the frontlines to heal- surgeons, ambulance drivers, nurses, orderlies and other volunteers. Four of them-Stella, Olive, Grace and Stanley-are at the centre of Gail Jones's extraordinary new novel, which takes its inspiration from the wartime experiences of Australians Miles Franklin and Olive King, and British painters Grace Pailthorpe and Stanley Spencer. In Jones's imagination these four lives intertwine and change, each compelled by the desire to create something meaningful in the ruins of a broken world.

Immersive and gripping, Salonika Burning illuminates not only the devastation of war but also the vast social upheaval of the times. It shows Gail Jones to be at the height of her powers.