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Secret Agent Mole


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“Secret Agent Mole” by James Foley

Secret Agent Mole is a hilarious children’s comic book, playing on the classic idea of a James Bond like scenario, with the narrative following a spy in training. He and his friends attempt to pass their test in order to become fully fledged spies! 

Join Mole, Max Mole, as he struggles to complete his missions with only three chances to succeed all alongside Helena Hippo (the muscle of the group), and June Bug (the tech genius). Can Max and his friends succeed and pass the test?

Reviewed by Orion


Publishers Review

Max is a mole on a mission. With Helen Hippo and June Bug by his side, Max must stop the evil Goldfish-Finger from stealing a priceless, solid gold fishfinger. This dangerous, top-secret mission will involve explosions, a naked mole rat, and being flushed down a giant toilet. Will Max and the team defeat the fiendish fish? Time to rock and mole!