Shadows Of Winter Robins

Shadows Of Winter Robins


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Anne's Review

I loved this evocative and beautifully written story, due for release in early June. 

Winter Robins is a charming little girl with a twin brother who was born and raised in northern England by loving parents. Tragedy strikes when her mother Nancy passes away, leaving her father distraught and her grandmother struggling to cope with them all. Eventually, Winter and her brother are sent to live with relatives in Western Australia; a strange and foreign place for little English children. Despite adjusting well to her new life and forming strong connections, Winter can't shake the feeling of something sinister lurking in the shadows of her new home. As she reflects on her past, prompted by a news story, Winter begins to question whether her idyllic childhood was truly as perfect as she once believed.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!

Publishers Reviews

‘Nancy won’t be coming home.
And there it is: that pip of a moment. That instant. That fraction of a second. That weightless stillness at the very top of a ball’s bounce, between its going up and falling down. My brother and I held hands, suspended somewhere in between the life we’d led as Nancy’s children, and the one we were destined to live thereafter.'

Winter Robins is a happy enough child, growing up in the north of England, with parents who love her and the constant companion of a twin brother, but a cold wind blows through when her mother dies. Her father turns to the bottle, her grandmother struggles to cope, and she and her brother are sent to live in Western Australia with family their mother had never mentioned.

Although Winter quickly settles in Australia and comes to love her life and the people in it, she notices strange happenings in the shadows of her new home. When a news story prompts her to look back at her past, she begins to wonder whether things were really as idyllic as she remembers them.

As she uncovers secret after secret, she realises a much darker narrative may have been  and perhaps still is playing out.