Should We Stay or Should We Go

Should We Stay or Should We Go


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‘Hilarious… Fiery phrases spit and crackle. Disgust expands and bursts into belly laughs… a very funny book’ Sunday Times

‘Thought-provoking, timely, and extremely funny’ Metro ‘Shriver said that her favourite novels are those that pack both an intellectual and emotional punch. With Should We Stay or Should We Go, she’s added triumphantly to their number’ The Times

‘Witty and thought-provoking’ Woman’s Weekly


Anne's Review

This is a page turner to say the least. Given that all of us will ultimately face death, or choose to go with the flow, the book is of course relevant to all of us. Sounds rather morbid. Well in fact it isn’t.


Kay and Cyril, a medical couple, have seen too many of their elderly patients in various states of decay and past the stage of being able to take a decision, so they make the decision to commit suicide together once they are eighty. …...But eighty comes quickly!


This appealing book is both hilarious, touching and at times sad. But never sad enough to abandon as the protagonists explore the many ways, they can make a dignified exit


I loved it and read it in two sittings.