Sisters of Sword and Shadow

Sisters of Sword and Shadow


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Darci's Review 

Laura Bates graces us with her historical prowess in this new YA historical fantasy. Sisters of Sword and Shadow begins slowly, but as you read more into the adventures of Cass, our main character, the pace perfectly matches the story being told.


Bates gradually introduces us to each new character, giving their life stories an  engrossing depth Cass ran away from her future of an arranged marriage, subservience, and bearing children, to experience life in the liberated manner that men of medieval times were permitted. Little did she know, she would learn what women sacrifice in exchange for a more progressive and just environment. Bates uses her extensive historical knowledge to give life to each event that Cass experiences, from learning to be a squire, a valiant knight, and getting her hands dirty to help those in need.


Overall, this book offers a realistic portrayal of unchecked power in the hands of the greedy, and makes you realise who is genuinely fighting for the little guy. A beautiful blend of Arthurian legend and the tales of Robin Hood. It is a perfect book for all young women.


Publisher's Review 

'An interesting thing happens when a man is defeated in combat by a woman . . . He tells nobody.'

Destined for an arranged marriage, Cass dreams of freedom. So when a fierce and beautiful leather‑clad woman rides up and offers to take her away, Cass doesn’t hesitate to join her. She is introduced to the Sisters of Sword and Shadow - a group of female knights training to fight, protect their community and right the wrongs of men. Drawn into a world of ancient feuds, glorious battles, and deadly intrigue, Cass soon discovers she holds a power that could change not only her own fate but that of her entire sisterhood.

Introducing Laura Bates' fantasy debut, the first in a breathtaking and sweeping duology, exploring questions about power, courage and the stories we tell about the past.