Slowworm's Song

Slowworm's Song


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Gabi's review


The effects of PTSD Stephen suffers from an incident in the line of duty has impacted his life, but not impaired his gentle empathetic nature nor his desire to make amends in his duties as a father. This quiet, reflective and beautifully written novel delivers an eloquent portrait of the life in the UK in the seventies and eighties. It is both sensitive and engaging.


Publisher's review


By the Costa Award-winning author of PURE, a profound and tender tale of guilt, a search for atonement and the hard, uncertain work of loving. An ex-soldier and recovering alcoholic living quietly in Somerset, Stephen Rose has just begun to form a bond with the daughter he barely knows when he receives a summons - to an inquiry into an incident during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It is the return of what Stephen hoped he had outdistanced. Above all, to testify would jeopardize the fragile relationship with his daughter. And if he loses her, he loses everything. Instead, he decides to write her an account of his life; a confession, a defense, a love letter. Also a means of buying time. But time is running out, and the day comes when he must face again what happened in that faraway summer of 1982


Other Reviews


'Beautifully written' Pitch-perfect The plot grips and surprises. Miller's prose remains poetic and taut with an eye for the telling detail . . . this is fiction - storytelling - at its best - Spectator 


Excellent - Observer


Written in prose that comes singing off the page . . . a compelling read and an important literary achievement - New Statesman


Enthralling - Financial Times


The pacing of his story is excellent; his style is crisp; his apprehension of pain is arresting; and his ability to show people trembling at the edge of unreason is compelling - Guardian