Song of Lewis Carmichael

Song of Lewis Carmichael


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Review by Kerry


Matthew finds the world difficult. He feels out of step with his classmates and senses he is a worry and disappointment to his parents. Reading and thinking about the North Pole provides a refuge for this lonely little boy.

Immersed in his own private and safe world Matthew is visited by a talking crow beckoning him onto the rooftop where an enormous balloon awaits. While tempted to pull the blankets back over his head, curiosity wins out and he climbs out of the window and into the balloon’s basket. And so, begins his life changing adventure, a voyage to the Arctic. In the icy beauty of the Tundra resilience is forged and the puzzling elusiveness of friendship resolved.

Sophie Laguna is an accomplished and much awarded Australian author of both children and adults’ books. The sensitive handling of this gently themed allegory once again shines with her signature insight and empathy. Beautifully illustrated by the author’s husband Marc Mc Bride this novel would sit comfortably alongside Michael Morpurgo and Patrick Ness on your bookshelf.