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Sound Bites


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Gabi's Review


Just wonderful. Who knew Maddelena Casulana was a Renaissance feminist and brought us the madrigal - origin of modern pop.  I have emerged with a much greater appreciation of classical music's origins. Sound Bites is a potted history of classical music from ABC Classic's Weekend Breakfast host and bestselling author of Whole Notes & Cadence. In whip smart funny dialogue, Ed guides you on a evolution through millennia of classical music, from Ancient Greece to the present day. 

Pitched at students or anyone interested in the history of classical music it is surprising, informative and very compelling in its brevity.  From its origins in the ancient Hindus Valley, Classical music has been influenced by religion, war and technologies, the whims of the powerful and the evolution of fine art movements. Ed frequently draws comparisons to modern events to gain an appreciation of the historic impact and does wonderful summaries after significant epochs.  I wish all histories had an introductory framework like this, the overview really invites further specialized reading.