The Dark Is Rising

The Dark Is Rising


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“The Dark is Rising” by Susan Cooper

The first in the series, this mid-twentieth century children’s/young adult classic is a timeless joy of to read. Set in the British countryside in all its winter wonder, the story of a young boy turning into a youth as he finds out that he is the last born of the Old People of Celitic myths. To his surprise, and helped by local people from the Old-ways, he must seek out medallions of power through which he will defeat the growing powers of darkness. To do so he must conquer his fear and grow into his power, while keeping it secrete from family and friends. 

Beautifully written literature in a simple but engaging timeless style, the story takes you through the past and present (1960s) Britain, in a way that brings the countryside and its characters to vivid life. The fight against the dark forces through old knowledge and myth, forcing Will to make moral choices that lead him on a path of self-discovery, is told in a way that is devoid of the demonic violent action on which too many modern-day authors rely. A perfect book for children readers crossing into young adult themes and literature. Also, very enjoyable shared reading with your young one.

Others in the series - Oversea Under Stone (Prequel), Greenwitch, The Grey King, Silver On The Tree. These re-release copies are fine paper-back editions with great retro cover artwork.

Review by Lindsay


Publishers Review

The highly acclaimed Dark Is Rising sequence reissued with stunning new covers

This night will be bad and tomorrow will be beyond imagining.

It's Midwinter's Eve, the day before Will's eleventh birthday. But there is an atmosphere of fear in the familiar countryside around him. This will be a birthday like no other. Will discovers that he has the power of the Old Ones, and that he must embark on a quest to vanquish the terrifyingly evil magic of the Dark.


Biographical note

Susan Cooper is a world-renowned author of children's books. Born and brought up in England, she worked as a journalist before moving to America, where she now lives. Her classic The Dark Is Rising sequence has won the Newbery Medal and was twice shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. Her Boggart titles have won the Scottish Arts Council Children's Book Award and been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and the Smarties Prize. King of Shadows was also shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. As well as writing novels, Susan Cooper has written for the theatre and for television. Her website is at and her Facebook is at