The Kingdom of Wrenly: The Crimson Spy

The Kingdom of Wrenly: The Crimson Spy


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Lindsay's Review 

This is my favorite early chapters book for young readers. With a romping adventure set in a medieval magical realm, the two lead characters Prince Lucas and his archery- wielding best friend Carla, along with Ruskin the dragon, are tasked with mystery- solving quests by the King of Wrenly. In this adventure they stop the kidnapping of the Prince after Carla is hypnotized by a phoenix enslaved by a pirate.  

Marvellous black and white sketches by Robert McPhillips complement the text, while its undaunting length, variety of language and fun adventures makes it the perfect book for young kids who are out growing the illustrated Ahn Do style for early readers. With a number of books in this series, it is a great one to start the kids off on chapter books (ages 6 to 8), especially if they have already shown interest in Harry Potter-style magical realms. It’s also written in a simple straight forward style that will increase your child’s vocabulary. Others available in the series include The Keeper of the Gems, Goblin Magic and Stroke of Midnight. I especially like the bright magical covers.

Publisher's Review 

Prince Lucas and Lady Clara wonder who they can trust in this twentieth fantastical adventure of The Kingdom of Wrenly series!

Danger washes ashore in the port of Silvertown, where a missing royal ship brings rumors of pirates. Not only that, but Prince Lucas and Lady Clara are tasked with caring for a rare gift: a phoenix. At first, they think nothing of the shimmering fire bird. But soon, they learn that not all magical creatures are to be trusted.

With easy-to-read text and illustrations on almost every page, The Kingdom of Wrenly chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.