Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure

Magic Faraway Tree: A New Adventure


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“I had such fun writing a brand-new Faraway Tree book,” says Wilson  “I read the three original Enid Blyton books many times as a child, marvelled at all the adventures and wished I could be Silky’s best friend and share Moonface’s toffee shocks. It’s a privilege to be able to write about Blyton’s iconic characters and invent new children and magical creatures of my own for new readers to enjoy.”


Review from the Guardian in London

In Wilson’s story, which is published in May, three new children find the Enchanted Wood while on holiday – Milo, Mia and Birdy. They meet Silky and her crew, and travel to the Land of Unicorns. “But not every land is so much fun. Danger looms in the Land of Dragons. Will Moonface’s magic work in time to save the children?” says publisher Hachette. Yes, undoubtedly it will, but this is news that will win the heart of my dragon-obsessed bookaholic eight-year-old, and a book I’ll be reading to my five-year-old as soon as it’s out. The 11-year-old will undoubtedly see herself as far too grown up for it these days – but I wouldn’t be surprised if she finds herself in the vicinity, come story


Publisher Review


Discover the Magic Faraway Tree and explore the amazing lands it can lead to, in an irresistible new story by bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson, set in this much-loved world. Milo, Mia and Birdy are on a countryside holiday when they wander into an Enchanted Wood. Among the whispering leaves, there is a beautiful tree that stands high above the rest.


The Magic Faraway Tree is home to many remarkable creatures including a fairy called Silky, her best friend Moonface and more. Little Birdy is only too happy to find that fairies are real. Even her older brother and sister are soon won over by the magic of the Faraway Tree and the extraordinary places they discover above it, including the Land of Unicorns. But not every land is so much fun. Danger looms in the Land of Dragons. Will Moonface's magic work in time to save the children?


The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton was Jacqueline Wilson's own favourite book as a very young child. Now contemporary children's fiction author, creator of Hetty Feather and Tracy Beaker, revisits this glorious magical world, weaving a brand-new story perfect for the next generation of young readers. Discover the magic!