The Map of William

The Map of William


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Chris's Review


Set at the turn of the twentieth century, William Watson is a fifteen-year-old West Australian who lives with his family in Fremantle. His father, a Welshman, is a surveyor that is employed to survey an unmapped area inland from Roebourne. The book tells of William’s adventures, as his father’s assistant, with wild characters, indigenous colleagues, local natives and the police. The latter is represented by Sergeant Jardine who threatens their safety and commits many injustices. During his travels, William demonstrates his courage, falls in love and grows into a man.


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Western Australia, 1909. William Watson's beloved father is set on an expedition to the north-west to map water sources in the Pilbara. Invited along, fifteen-year-old William embarks on the outback journey of a lifetime.

At sea and on land, William will forge lasting friendships with his fellow travellers, and transform his relationship with his father as together they face the darkness in some men's hearts - including the cruel and vengeful Sergeant Jardine.

This is a classic rite-of -passage novel that follows one young man on his journey of growth and self-discovery.