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Anne's Review


There have been a whole rash of books on bookshops lately but none of them as readable as this one which in essence revolves around the lives of that extraordinary Mitford family and their surprising alliances.


Nancy Mitford is the daughter who runs the Mayfair bookshop and occasionally writes books herself.  But she is surrounded by a family who appear to have gone out of their minds!


The very beautiful oldest daughter has thrown caution to the winds and bonded with a supporter of Hitler’s called Oswald Mosely. Unity has had an apartment bought for her by Hitler and Muv and Farv have started to visit Hitler regularly to partake of his generosity. Particularly strange as Farv was always known to have called all foreigners Sewers! In fact, at the outbreak of the Second World War, Dianna and Mosely are imprisoned as traitors.


I cannot possibly give away any more information. But believe me this is an absolutely riveting read!  Certainly, the best bookshop book around!


Anne Day ……..The Lane Bookshop

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USA Today bestselling author Eliza Knight brings together a brilliant dual-narrative story about Nancy Mitford—one of 1930s London’s hottest socialites, authors, and a member of the scandalous Mitford Sisters—and a modern American desperate for change, connected through time by a little London bookshop.


“An absolute must-read!”—Madeline Martin, New York Times bestselling author The Last Bookshop in London