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Anne's Review


Inspired by the woman who founded Shakespeare and Company in Paris, this fascinating story of a bookshop is part biography and part fiction of a bookshop that became an English institution in a French city. Young bookish Sylvia Beach loves Paris. But when she opens an English-language bookshop on the bohemian Left Bank, she can’t yet know she is making history.


Teaming with famous writers of the day, their quotes and their foibles, this book is interesting from many angles. I loved it, meeting and learning more about the writers of the time. Enjoying the many quotes that took me back to books in my past.  I guess the only thing that has changed is the on emphasis on lesbianism as both protagonists are themselves lesbian and proud of it. So if this is going to put you off – leave it be. Otherwise enjoy a fine and interesting read.


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 'A compelling and fascinating look at the world-changing mavericks who bonded, bickered and triumphed in the realm of literature' Nuala O'Connor


'A compelling portrait of a remarkable woman, who steps from the pages in all her charm, courage and vulnerability' Gill Paul


'Intelligent, fierce and filled with reverence for a fascinating epoch in literary history... a delight for readers and writers' Whitney Scharer, author of The Age of Light

'Lulls you into an interwar Parisian dream where love - be it romantic, friendly or even for a book - can be found on a quirky little street in the 6th' Kaia Alderson